A Place Called Home

(This is dedicated to my family)

This house we now call a home
You loved, you cherished, you built long ago
Your hands touched, every piece we now own
Your ideas have formed a place for our love

The grass in the yard, you carefully planted
The flowers that bloom in spring, you raised from a seed
The trees that go from green to naked
The wild animals that invade it

The swing on the porch, the one with paint peeling, with rust
She used to sing to me, swing with me, when we were young
Cigarette in hand, her laugh was a little raspy
But she was my favorite person, she loved me

I hope you look down, proud of our family
How I clung to your memory, your hard work on this home
I won’t forget where this came from, this land I inherit
I will take care of it, cherish it
This place we call home

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