I breathe deep the aroma of the azalea
The thought of a day with good company
This reward of family, friends, relationships
This peace is priceless

You cannot have my happiness, my joy
And I hurt for you as I know you have trapped yourself
You do not know forgiveness
You soak your soul in bitterness

I have made my mistakes, but I am forgiven
I will continue to have flaws, but I will overcome them
Your anger it sinks you
Leaves you breathless, lonely

If I could turn back time
I would have kept my words quiet
It pains me that you know these things that you shouldn’t
For I desire a life in secret, my pain is my own not yours to know
And yet, I broke that, I told you and now you own it

Ashes to ashes and dust to dust
Our broken relationship; I am giving up
So keep your doors closed and shades drawn
I will no longer bother to knock

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