Like a Brother

Long ago we met, informally,
But easily, like a brother, you became to me.
You made me laugh, made me feel protected,
I envied your ease of humor, your strength, your humanity.

I liked to watch the two of you, like little boys,
Joking, talking, whispering deep ideas.
We didn’t always understand each other’s hearts,
We certainly took it for granted,
And when the most important part came,
You left it, left us, storming out angrily.

Years of misunderstanding, assumptions,
This bred your need for anger.
You have a life, aside from us, a family.
We have a life aside from you, but you are still my family.

I think one day regret will enter both of your hearts;
I ache at knowing how heavy bitterness must weigh on you.
For I too have felt it; I am not stranger to regret.
Life is too short to harbor unsolved miseries.

What will it take to soften hearts, to act like adults,
Before the age of death is upon us.
Before we forget our memories, each other’s faces.
I hope I am wrong, and that you are completely happy.

For I have lost family, a brother, and peace,
I wish I could have fixed things, but it was not my place.
Ten years is a long time to hold my words,
But there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think of it; you.

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